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Senyuan furniture five-star hotel furniture custom professional custom manufacturers

   Time:2017/7/6 0:00:00
Five-star hotel furniture custom factory direct five-star hotel furniture custom free shipping installation.
   Five-star hotel furniture custom professional production: hotel furniture overall supporting project and hotel furniture project bidding, is a design, production, delivery and installation of one manufacturer, welcome all major enterprises, furniture city, agents to the factory to negotiate. Order :0769-89209999
  Senyuan Hotel Furniture Manufacturer_Hotel Furniture Customized Manufacturer-Senyuan Furniture Group is a professional manufacturer of star-rated hotel furniture. It was founded in 1994 by Senyuan in the last century. After more than 20 years of development, Senyuan has Growing up into a high-star hotel furniture, hardcover luxury furniture, decoration design integration enterprise
  When customizing five-star hotel furniture, you need to pay attention to the following points:
1. The corners of soft-decorated furniture in rooms are preferably obtuse or rounded, so as not to cause harm to younger and less expensive guests; soft-decorated furniture should pay attention to fire and safety; room furniture should be waterproof and moisture-proof. And environmental performance; room furniture should also pay attention to wear, scratch resistance, easy maintenance and other performance;
2. The soft decorative bed should not be less than 20CM from the bathroom door, because the waiter needs certain
Operating space; the choice of bedside lamps should be meticulous, that is, anti-glare, but also durable;
3. The carpet of the guest room should be durable, anti-fouling or even fireproof. Do not use light or solid color as much as possible. Nowadays, the floor of many business hotels is made of composite wood flooring, which is practical and hygienic, and warm and comfortable;
4. The track of the curtain must be made of durable materials. The shade cloth should be thicker, the wrinkles of the curtain should be appropriate, and the material that can be washed is used. If it can only be dry-cleaned, the operating cost will increase, which is not worth the loss;
5. There is a rotatable turntable under the TV. The design of the socket should consider the charging of the mobile phone, which is neglected by many hotel room designs; the lighting control of the current popular rooms is controlled by various buttons, or large panel control, and the use of the previous touch buttons.
6. In the soft-pack design, the baggage table is often not taken seriously, and the paint on the wooden side of the luggage table of many hotel rooms is bumped and bumped. If such a baggage table is used, the soft bag portion can finally be turned from the plane to the facade, and There is a thickness of about 50CM, which can prevent the collision of the trunk. It can also use the movable luggage rack, but the wall should be designed for collision avoidance. Some hotel anti-collision panels are 18mm thick glass, which is both novel and individual. Practical. It can also be made of wear-resistant panel soft decorative furniture, which is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant.
7. For artworks, such as paintings, it is best to use original Chinese paintings or oil paintings. No matter the level, it is worth more than the soft decorative paintings printed by computer, and it also reflects the taste of the hotel from the side.
8. The layout of the computer Internet access line should be considered thoughtfully. The position of the socket should not be too far from the writing desk. The line that is too long is not so elegant;

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